Hi. I'm Audrey and I got recruited by the boys to get some pages up on the web for them. Actually, they finally convinced me after a bunch of Maker's Mark shots (wait, now I know why they were buying -- they never buy). They don't know what the hell they're doing when it comes to computers (and women, actually). So here we are. I will be adding more stuff as D.U. and Dean-o get their shit together and provide me with material.

I was able to convince Dean-o to let me put some entries from his journal up here (yes, he can write). I've put three up and there's more to come. He's got a journal back from the 'old days' in Sterling Texas, complete with an entry that describes the first time he met D.U. as well as the first punches they threw at each other. Bud L. Moore makes an appearance as well. I even happened upon where they got the name for the band (no, surprisingly enough, it's not from the movie).

You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff that these guys get into. If it weren't for Don Williams sorting everything out and keeping them out of trouble, they'd be lost. You ever heard of lovable losers? Well that's them... so lovable, I actually went out with Dean-o for a while. But you know, the temptations are many for a man like him, so I had to let him go... but as you can see, we're still friends.

Okay, for all you freaks out there, don't even think about trying to contact me. If you want to send on some feedback about the music, that's great... I'll be happy to pass it on to the boys. As part of this arrangement, I have to put my picture on the site. D.U. is convinced that "people will think we're cool if we have a picture of a hot chick on the site." He picked this one from my portfolio, so that's why it's up here. In the short term, I get on the guest list and free drinks at all their shows and long term, I get a piece of the pie once they make it big. So that's the deal. All for now...

-- Audrey

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