Who am I?

Not to be outdone, BroncoBilly will be offering up some
special gear for ya'll. Dean-o and D.U. put the top fashion minded folks they know (me) to work to bring you these cutting edge trimmings. The free samples I convinced the shop to run disappeared immediately (D.U and Dean-o gave 'em away at a show) and in all their wisdom and tightness they haven't placed an order yet. D.U. says they will soon, once all the cost of living bills are covered. So who knows... anyhow, here's some samples to whet your appetite.

100% genuine mesh hat with special cool-ass stitching ascross the bill. You like, don't ya? Includes finely rendered BroncoBilly logo patch. Get yo Bronc on!
100% cotton, midnight black T -- just like the kids in the smoking lounge wore back in high school.


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