D.U. Jamison
(lead vocals, guitar)

D.U says:

"A lot's been made of the past. Dean-o and me been playing the best we can for many years now. We got started back in Sterling Texas and we were damn awful. We been getting better and we can't please everyone. Back when we started, we got into it one night when I couldn't hit the chords he was striving for and he kept pushing me til I busted him up -- but he got his shots in and I thought twice about doing it again. That's why we broke up the band the first time. It must have brewed up in him for a while because 4-5 years later, he saw me walking down the street in Shreveport, followed me into a bar and crowned me real good when I wasn't looking. I was down for the count, wallowing in the beer under the bar stools. Still don't know what that bastard hit me with. That's just the nature of the way things works with me and him.

Well, we been able to keep BroncoBilly together now for the last couple years, writing when we can, playing and even been recording some songs, so I can' t complain. Before I forget, I gotta say thanks to Audrey for putting this online thing together for us. Hope you like our music... that's all we can ask. Hell, I got nothing else to say."


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